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Scholar’s Receive:


Receives 15% discount with a saving of $178.20 (LIMITED TIME OFFER) on membership including all the benefits of Exclusive Group Scholar Membership and much more. 


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Scholars receive Premium Scholarly Hub Achievement Certificate

after completing 12 month membership


offers and services for scholars:

Collaborative Mentorship and Guidance Session Monthly:

  • 4 one-hour Zoom session held once every week, monthly.  Sample enrolment: Scholars booked for Monday session at 5pm will have sessions with Scholarly Hub every Monday same time for the rest of the month.  Approximately 4 sessions per month with 3-4 scholars in a group setting.  Connect with other scholars through collaborative discussions.  Ongoing group session enhances accountability for students especially in a team setting.

Online Literacy Curriculum Support:

  •  Literacy curriculum support and guidance for any writing subject:
    • planning essay
    • writing – structure
    • organising ideas
    • developing coherency
    • topic sentences
    • paragraphing
    • presenting arguments
    • language analysis
    • understanding texts including visual
    • proof reading
    • grammar and punctuation
    • spelling
    • self-evaluation or self-assessment strategies
    • (These descriptors are in accordance with Australian Curriculum Standard and Scholars will be guided and supported according to the curriculum benchmark and achievement standard)

Scholar’s get access to below services:

MasterClass – Interact with Authors (Receive certificate of participation)


Join the Revival of 18th century French Salon

Forum for Intellectual Dialogues

Salon : Held once every month.

 Zoom Online or Melbourne Art Gallery, Museums, Cafes, State Library and more interesting places around Melbourne. 

Snacks provided 

Receive Certification of Membership to Scholarly Hub Intellectual Society 


Join Scholarly Hub Global Forum with an access to Scholarly Hub Global Vision blog post on discussions held




Coming soon 

• Fun and inspiring Writing Competitions

• Access to Scholarly Hub YouTube videos 


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