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Term 4:

Write down all the tasks that you need to complete for school today. Write down your study goals and the actions will you take today to achieve your goals?

Giving up is not an option. 

Keep going!  You’ve got this!  

“We can only feel accomplished when we have given it our all, don’t wait a moment longer to step into your hidden potential.  Breaking through old habits can be painful but in doing so, you now have access to strength, courage and perseverance.  Give yourself the permission to achieve all what the world has to offer you” – Scholarly Hub


Scholarly Hub Services

For secondary & tertiary students

Is your child:

  • Feeling Distress

  • Anxious

  • Overwhelmed

  • Feeling Defeated By Grades

Take a stand for your child

This is not the path to Education.

Some students are left feeling traumatised by the continuous testing and examination.

If the grades are not good enough, it makes a student feel defeated and the mere process of learning which is meant to expand a child, becomes a disempowering experience.

If the education system is overwhelming your child, affecting your child’s ability to learn, then it is time to take a stand – empower your child within the current structures.  

Concerns for many parents and students:

Tutoring Services

Students check out mentally and emotionally from learning

Simply not feeling inspired

Lacking guidance

Lacking motivation

Scholarly Hub is here to:
Re-align  and
Re-engage your child back to learning.

Parents and students often express their concerns. “….there isn’t enough time to learn the information, not enough time for discussion, or content is not aligned to my child’s level of understanding, and how is this topic relevant….?”

These are some potential causes of disengagement from learning

I never liked school and was having a difficult time. After meeting Ms. Radhika Kumar in my year 10 English class, I connected to her immediately. We built a healthy and positive relationship and I started to enjoy coming to school.

Ms. Kumar even won best dressed teacher award at year 10 formal. This happened because she took my advice on her attire. She is the most caring, loving and nurturing teacher I know. Ms. Kumar always put the needs of students first, always helpful, understanding and always giving of her time.  

When I completed schooling, I bestowed her with gifts which was just a small token of my appreciation towards the teacher she was. Today I am working in my passionate area and continue to keep in touch with Ms. Kumar because she made a difference to my life, my goals and my time at school. I will never forget her.

Nisa Kilic / Student

I believe that a good teacher can make education fun and purposeful, but a great teacher will also be a motivational tool in student’s success and that is what I got from my amazing teacher Ms. Radhika Kumar.

When I was in high school, my grades were not the best, I didn’t really like school, I was a hands on student, I didn’t like book work or writing essays. When I was in year 10, we had a new teacher and I thought that this teacher was going to be like any other teacher but I was wrong, Ms. Kumar was such an amazing teacher.  She made learning fun. Ms. Kumar took leaning to the next level. We had hands on learning which really helped me succeed in my schooling, she made me really want to attend school.

I remember once a week in our class, she would bring in a giant tree that was twice the size of her which we called it the “Gratitude Tree”. Ms. Kumar would bring in this tree and have us write on sticky notes all the things we are thankful for and then we all got up and posted it to the tree.  By the end of the year, it was filled with all the good deeds of students.  This activity was helpful not only for me, but the entire class. Our class realised how lucky we are in life and there is so much to be thankful for.  Ms. Kumar gave me the motivation to keep going and gave me the hope I needed to never give up.

Today I am working in aged care as a personal care assistant and will be going to university to become a nurse very soon. I couldn’t have done this without my incredible teacher Ms. Kumar.

Sharna Molini / Student

As a parent we all want the best for our children’s education but we may not necessarily have the right tools to guide them.
Radhika at Scholarly Hub is an amazing mentor and tutor for my daughter, I love her unique approach to learning and her mentorship is invaluable.
She is kind and gentle but most importantly very knowledgeable, with many years of experience.
For me this was particularly apparent when I needed some guidance to address a school matter.
Instead of getting emotionally charged ( as all parents can do), Radhika was able to help me address the situation with intelligence and integrity.
I am pleased to say the outcome was very positive and encouraging, a huge credit to Radhika, I can not thank you enough for your support during that time.
We are so fortunate that we have found Scholarly Hub and it’s part of our daughter’s learning life, I can not recommend it highly enough.
Scholarly Hub Is an amazing Tutoring and Mentoring Program that I believe is fundamental for all students.

Hayley C. / Parent

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